Lumina Studio App Download
Lumina Studio App Download

Lumina Studio App Download

To get started, please download the Lumina Studio App using the links below.

⬇️ Downloads

MacOS 12.3+ & Windows 10+

Lumina Studio 0.2.5

MacOS 10.14 to 12.2

🥇Lumina Studio 0.1.20

For help, please contact and let us know if you’re on Mac or Windows!

Note: Version 0.2.0+ of our app supports Windows 10+ and MacOS 12.3 and higher only. We recommend updating to the latest OS for your computer and latest version of the Lumina app to get the most recent bug fixes and feature improvements. We continue to host (but not support) earlier releases!

Tutorial Videos

Here are a few videos to get you started. Included in the videos are tips on setting up your Lumina, best practices, and a general introduction to our Lumina Studio app.

Lumina Support Resources

Check the below for quick tips and tricks on how to get the most of your new Lumina!

Archived Software Releases

💾[archive] Lumina Studio 0.2.4💾[archive] Lumina Studio 0.2.3💾[archive] Lumina Studio 0.2.2💾[archive] Lumina Studio 0.2.1💾[archive] Lumina Studio 0.2.0💾[archive] Lumina Studio 0.1.19