[archive] Lumina Studio 0.2.1

Release 0.2.1 has full System Extension for Ventura users, stabler color card correction, and Lumina Camera - Plus support for Safari, Photobooth, and other apps! Note that because Ventura changed how our app communicates within the OS, release 0.2.1 is only available for MacOS 12.3 and above. We recommend Mac users upgrade to the latest MacOS for compatibility with Lumina Studio 0.2.1!

How To Install

Download the correct installer for your operating system.
  1. Double click the installer, and complete the prompts. Be sure to restart apps like Zoom, Teams, Chrome, Firefox, for the installation to complete.
  2. Check that your firmware version is compatible with this version of Lumina. For Beta 17 and above, we recommend firmware version 220629 which you can download below.

Release 2.1 Notes:

  • System Extension for Ventura users
  • Smoother color card correction display and updated color card reference colors for better tuning
  • Lumina Camera Plus support for Safari, Photobooth, Discord, Loom, Slack, etc.
  • Lumina app will no longer auto-start start with calls - instead Lumina Plus will now still show on calls if the app is running in the background

How To Update Firmware

We recommend plugging your Lumina directly into your computer for firmware updates, docks, adapters, and monitors can interrupt communications and cause hardware failure.

Step 1: Download the 220629 firmware file from here. Download Link

Step 2: Open Lumina App > Settings > Advanced (bottom) and select the .src file you just downloaded.

Step 3: Ensure no apps or browsers are using the Lumina camera or mic. Be sure to close the video preview.


Step 4: Once completed, you can click this button to start the firmware flashing process. This usually only takes 10-20s and has a simple loading indicator.

Step 5: Wait 10s once the process is complete, and open your Lumina Preview to test the new camera.